Let The Bots Do The Legwork – How To Use Natural Language Processing To Transform Your Voice Workflows

Posted by 3CLogic on May 14, 2021 2:44:02 PM

We’ve all been there. Something’s gone wrong, whether it be with your bank or a service provider, so you pick up your phone to call customer service. A voice recording welcomes you and asks you to explain why you’re calling. You hesitate, knowing that the voice on the other end is computer-generated, not human.

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To Bot or Not to Bot? Key Areas for Your Business to Implement Voice Self-Service

Posted by 3CLogic on Apr 20, 2021 2:05:12 PM

The numbers don’t lie: today’s contact centers are expected to resolve issues fast. 80% of calls, according to data from Cloudtalk, are expected to be answered within 20-30 seconds and the average call duration is four minutes. 

It’s no surprise then that leading companies are adopting voice self-service solutions in addition to their IVR solutions to not only manage call volume but provide a higher quality of customer service and improve call agent performance. 

The question is no longer should I adopt voice self-service for my contact center? It’s how can I adopt it as fast and as efficiently as possible? This article will tell you where to begin so you can start unlocking the massive benefits of voice self-service for your business.

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