What makes a loyal customer?

Posted by Kristen Braun on Mar 5, 2015 11:03:37 AM

How do you define customer loyalty? You won’t find it in the dictionary, and it will change drastically depending on who you ask. But through all of the various definitions, there is a common theme which is often overlooked--the integral part emotion plays within the concept of customer loyalty.

If you talk to any sales rep, they will tell you, it is easier to retain customers than to gain new ones simply because there is already an established trust, or emotional investment that has take place. Loyal customers are more likely to drive sales, simply due to the fact that they are already familiar with the product, they understand their growth potential with the product, and are therefore more likely to increase the size of their account. While this can boost revenue, these customers can also serve as an asset for prospective clients by offering a personal recommendation or review based on their own experience with your company. You are more likely to go see a movie if a friend has recommended it, right? Same concept.

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