Customer Journey Management's Path to Optimization

October 01, 2019

Vikas Nehru, CTO for 3CLogic, weighs in on how analytics contextualize customer journeys in the contact center and how 3CLogic is collects journey data and produces reports for clients through it's IVR Analytics feature, set to launch in its next release.

Cloud Contact Centers Are More Than Hype

November 05, 2018

Guillaume Seynhaeve, VP of Business Development and Sales for 3CLogic, weighs in on the specific benefits of cloud contact center technology in this Destination CRM article. Read on to explore how flexibility, reduced costs and enhanced functionality play out for enterprise companies who've moved to the cloud in very real and tangible ways.

Dialing Up CRM: Harnessing the Power of Voice

November 01, 2018

Organizations are getting serious about connecting their voice communications systems to their systems of action -- deeply embedding voice in the fabric of customer relationship management systems. As they strive to improve responsiveness in translating voice to action, overarching trends are emerging in and around CRM and voice in the enterprise. Explore these trends in 3CLogic'sCRM Buyer contributed article and the results we expect to see in 2019.

Trending in 2019: Voice Technology and Customer Experience

October 24, 2018

As we get ready to launch into the new year, we see four over-arching trends driving voice technology and improved customer experience. 3CLogic's CTO and SVP of Engineering, Vikas Nehru, explores these trends and ramifications in this Speech Technology contributed article.

Driving Digital Transformation Through Voice and CRM Integration

August 21, 2018

Read CTO and SVP of Engineering, Vikas Nehru's, contributed article in Loyalty Management Online to explore how organizations can leverage the power of voice to unite and galvanize operations to better serve customers, by transforming the contact center to customer action center.

The Upper Echelons of Cognitive Computing: Deriving Business Value from Speech Recognition

May 31, 2018

Jelani Harper quotes 3CLogic's CTO Vikas Nehru extensively in this Analytics Week article on the wealth of data hiding in speech recognition and how 3CLogic is leveraging voice to help companies capitalize on it.

3CLogic: Connecting Voice to Business Processes

May 22, 2018

A lot of the communication that takes place between an organization and its customers (and employees and partners) still happens via voice calls. These phone-based interactions, however, remain disconnected from the otherwise digitally-enabled business processes of which they are an essential element. 3CLogic provides an integrated, cloud-based communications platform that solves this problem.

Cloud contact center software maker 3CLogic unveils native integration with ServiceNow

May 19, 2018

3CLogic is partnered deeply with a very select number of vendors, one of which is ServiceNow . The new integration lets agents handle all the interaction with 3CLogic phone support through the ServiceNow interface.

At SugarCon, SugarCRM CEO Outlines a Plan for Digital Transformation

June 15, 2016

Larry Augustin says that CRM has to move from a "system of record to a system of engagement." Also, SugarCRM announces an enhanced partnership with IBM and an integration with 3CLogic.

ServiceNow Aims to Enable Cross-functional Customer Service

May 20, 2016

ServiceNow Customer Management connects departments, infrastructure and workflows to offer a more holistic approach to customer service than traditional CRM solutions.

Six customer engagement trends impacting contact centres in 2016

March 22, 2016

The contact centre space has rapidly undergone a long list of overdue changes in recent years and the momentum is not expected to slow down as 2016 unfolds. From SaaS integration to cloud adoption and the expansion of digital channels, there are a number of communication trends confronting the industry that every contact centre should be aware of in order to stay ahead of customer needs and expectations in 2016.

Integrated Social Customer Service Contact Center Platform Comes from 3CLogic's Partnership with HelpSocial

June 24, 2015

Most companies have learned that it is important to provide a good customer experience. If a company does everything that it can for its customers and they realize that the company is working hard on their behalf, not only will they be providing a good customer experience, they will be more likely to return and recommend the company to others.

3CLogic Offers API to Support New Channels, Partners with HelpSocial

June 22, 2015

Chat, email, mobile, SMS, video, voice – the number of channels that customer service needs to support is rapidly proliferating. And it doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel every time. In accordance with this idea, 3CLogic has introduced an API model called the Asynchronous Communications Channel through which it abstracts communications so that traffic can run over any channel and allow for intelligent routing.

Home & Land Integrates CRM and Analytics

June 10, 2015

Few industries have undergone more radical and tumultuous change than real estate. Today, listings and shopping take place online, and the ability to match buyers and sellers is heavily dependent on digital tools and technologies.

Smart Customer Care in a Multichannel World

June 01, 2015

As technology and consumer preferences continue to evolve, the importance of maintaining a smart customer service strategy has largely remained the same. Point in case, companies listed on the S&P 500 grew approximately 55% over the previous seven years compared to 77% for those companies focused on the customer experience. Those who lagged had a negative yield of 2.5% over the same period. But as new and existing channels continue to expand and alter the communication landscape, the challenge of maintaining a smart customer care strategy in

The Challenges of Using Social Media for Customer Support Initiatives

April 06, 2015

The emergence of social media over the past decade has revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers. And as enterprises have gradually discovered the general merits of a well-managed social media platform, many are attempting to tackle the broader challenge of applying it to customer service. In fact, according to the International Customer Management Institute, 67 percent of contact center executives believe social media is a necessary customer service communication channel. That is good news, since by the end of 2015, 80

GetApp Releases First Quarterly Ranking of Top Call Center Cloud Solutions

April 02, 2015

GetApp, the largest cloud-based business apps marketplace, has released its Q1 ranking of the top 25 Call Center apps. Topping the list is Vocalcom. Unique to GetApp, the ranking was determined using objective data collected from GetApp and other third-party sources. The factors used to calculate an app’s ranking include User Reviews, Integrations, Mobile Platforms, Media Presence, and Security. The ranking will be updated every quarter to reflect new data.

How to Select a CRM System

April 01, 2015

It is widely understood that CRM systems can serve as vital tools for companies of all sizes and industries. The ability to capture, track, and share relevant customer data can bolster revenue, enhance productivity, cut costs, and, if used correctly, improve a customer's relationship with—and perception of—a company. But for all its advantages, CRM implementation and maintenance also call for hefty financial commitments. And while many firms will elect to put a system in place eventually, they shouldn't jump the gun on the issue by acting too

Call Center CRM Adoption Is Just the Beginning

February 24, 2015

A disconnect currently exists between the customer service experience businesses think they deliver and their customers’ perception. While 80 percent of companies believe they deliver superior service, only 8 percent of consumers agree. Yet the disparity is by no means due to any lack of intent on the part of most organizations, with 80 percent wanting to use customer service as means of competitive differentiation. It’s actually the result of poor execution. As it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain a competitive advantage based on

Pioneering Solution Providers Help Transition WebRTC from Promising Technology to Powerful Contact Center Tool

February 18, 2015

For the past several years, WebRTC (Real Time Communications) has been widely touted as the next big thing in the contact center world. As 2015 unfolds, the reality is starting to catch up with the hype as innovative suppliers roll out real-world solutions. These include platforms that enable organizations to: Streamline the way they interact with customers by better blending their website and the contact center Reduce both customer effort and agent frustration Add video chat to their service repertoire Employ real-time data analysis to

3CLogic Hops Aboard the WebRTC Train, Offering Contact Centers a Telephony Alternative

February 12, 2015

Multichannel cloud contact center provider 3CLogic has rolled out a Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) solution in an effort to equip contact centers with an easier way to interact with customers via modern customer communication channels. While telephony isn't going anywhere, WebRTC technology is emerging as an additional tool that allows contact centers to serve customers where they are more frequently interacting, through their browsers. It's a trend that 3CLogic has been watching, says Guillaume Seynhaeve, marketing director at 3CLogic.

3CLogic Adds WebRTC Real-Time Calling to its Cloud Contact Center Platform

February 10, 2015

Contact Center Solutions provider 3CLogic today announced the recent adoption of Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) technology as the latest enhancement to its product offering. Current and future enterprise clients will be able to seamlessly interoperate with any WebRTC originated calls or chats when utilizing 3CLogic’s complete suite of features and services. Among the benefits now available is the ability to provide consumers with browser-based click-to-call and click-to-chat, enabling them to contact an enterprise from any

CSI Integrates Workforce Optimization into 3CLogic's Contact Cloud Solution

January 26, 2015

The two companies' combined efforts will enhance customer experience within the cloud contact platform. 3CLogic, a provider of cloud contact center solutions, and Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI), which offers workforce optimization (WFO) applications, today announced a partnership that will expand their unified offerings and improve customer experience.

Three Ways To Truly Leverage Multichannel Communications in 2015

January 12, 2015

The role of multichannel communications in contact centers has grown increasingly complex as consumer preferences continue to evolve. In fact, as early as 2013, 25% of consumers already utilized one to two channels when seeking customer care and 52% used three to four—a far cry from the simple switchboard days. Fast-forward to today and the percentages have grown, as have the number of total channels, including phone, email, text, chat, social media, and video. But while many celebrate the efficiency and flexibility modern communication brings

Self-Service Won’t Win You Customers – Customer Service Will

December 12, 2014

Robert Killory examines the pitfalls of customer empowerment.. In a world driven by the customer experience, businesses have quickly come to accept that they are outnumbered and out-gunned.

Top 5 Customer Service Trends Facing Contact Centers for 2015

December 04, 2014

The contact center space has undergone a long overdue and rapid list of changes over recent years and the momentum is not expected to slow as we move into the New Year. In fact, a recent 2014 North American Call Center Survey has revealed approximately 78 percent of today’s call centers are premised-based with 70 percent considering a move to the cloud. Factor in the added complexities brought on by a multichannel world in which 52% of consumers utilize three or four channel platforms (phone, email, video, text, chat, social media) when

Shape Tomorrow's Contact Center With AWS

December 04, 2014

The cloud space is showing now signs of slowing down as we turn the corner and make way for the New Year. In fact, cloud computing spending is projected to reach $155 Billion by 2015, up from $46.4 Billion in 2008, as the deployment of cloud infrastructures continues to expand. Driving the adoption of cloud is the increasing need for businesses to have the resources and operational flexibility to adapt to changes in market and consumer demand as the importance of the customer experience continues to lead today’s business initiatives. As it

Making Contact with the Internet of Things Community

October 08, 2014

When it comes to the IoT Evolution, we are facing major changes in what we share and in what is known about us. The result is that the contact center can have access to resources and information that helps expand quality of service. I had the opportunity to interview Raj Sharma the CEO of 3CLogic who explained to me what we should see as the impact of IoT in terms of service. What I find the most fascinating in the discussion is the focus on Fog Computing and the impact of cloud service models within the Enterprise.

Smart Customer Service Begins—and Ends—at the 'Edge'

October 07, 2014

The need to improve the customer experience remains an ongoing challenge and point of contention for contact centers, with many looking to the cloud to meet the demands of today's connected consumer. Unfortunately, for contact center executives, whether cloud first-movers or still in the evaluation phase, the cloud has already fallen behind the customers they need to serve both today and into the future. Burdened by the same traditional hardware and software architectures they seek to break free from, contact centers are faced with the

21.3% CAGR for Cloud Based Contact Center Market Globally to 2019 Says a New Research Report Available at

August 27, 2014

The cloud based contact center market is estimated to grow from $4.15 billion in 2014 to $10.9 billion in 2019, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 21.3% from 2014 to 2019. In terms of regions, North America is expected to be the biggest market in terms of revenue contribution, while emerging economies such as Middle East and Africa (MEA), Latin America (LA), and Asia-Pacific (APAC) are expected to experience increased market traction with high CAGRs, in the due course.

The Best Call Center Software Providers for High Call Volume Businesses, Announced by

July 23, 2014

1) 8x8, Inc. One of the best call center software providers on the market right now is 8x8, Inc. Their focus on customer satisfaction makes retaining repeat customers almost effortless. The program complies with security guidelines ranging from PCI to HIPAA. The lack of extra hardware needed with their products makes setup extremely cost effective. It's easy to use, works across the world, and is guaranteed to meet all of your call center needs.

The Contact Center Revolution

July 02, 2014

The 2014 North American Call Center Survey reveals that while 78 percent of contact centers today are premises-based, the vast majority (70 percent) plan to move to the cloud. Did someone say revolution?

Contact Centers Challenged by a Unified Communications Business Case

June 30, 2014

In the last few years how has communications technology evolved in the contact center? Robert Killory: The entire communications infrastructure for contact centers has been migrating to the Internet's infrastructure. The conversion of the old traditional phone circuits over to pure database -- for either premise-based solutions using Voice over IP (VoIP) or cloud solutions -- has been the main focus of the shift. Right now it's pretty much balanced: Almost 50% of voice communications [in contact centers] is now Voice over IP versus TDM. The

The Best Call Center Software Providers of 2014, Ranked by

April 03, 2014

Businesses with a large amount of inbound and outbound calls can greatly benefit by using the best call center software that’s out there. The cloud-based technology that makes up many of the call center software providers today provide customers with a wide range of features and benefits. The experts at have compared customer reviews, call center security and reliability, smooth connectivity, and customer support in order to determine the best call center software providers of the year.

2014 CRM Service Elite Award: 3CLogic Helps Home Buyers Gain Financial Footing

March 14, 2014

ROCKVILLE, MD – March 14, 2014 – The mortgage crisis of 2008 left an unprecedented number of homeowners with bad credit. Many are bouncing back, but bad credit scores may still haunt them. Rising Point Solutions works with realtors and mortgage lenders to find these consumers and help them come up with solutions to their credit problems.

Rising Support for Automatic Dialers

October 17, 2013

Rising Point Solutions helps consumers overcome their credit problems, but when it came to customer service, the company had a long list of problems of its own.