GetApp Releases First Quarterly Ranking of Top Call Center Cloud Solutions

Posted by Admin on Apr 2, 2015 12:00:00 AM
GetApp, the largest cloud-based business apps marketplace, has released its Q1 ranking of the top 25 Call Center apps. Topping the list is Vocalcom.

Unique to GetApp, the ranking was determined using objective data collected from GetApp and other third-party sources. The factors used to calculate an app’s ranking include User Reviews, Integrations, Mobile Platforms, Media Presence, and Security. The ranking will be updated every quarter to reflect new data.

In short, how can businesses facilitate the connection between agent and customer when it matters most – at the point of interaction? There are several things to consider.

The goal of the ranking is to provide valuable data to businesses looking to make a first assessment when choosing a cloud-based Call Center software.

“Call Center software is only starting to break the surface when it comes to cloud-based options, but there’s already a handful of applications setting the standard. With our Call Center ranking, we’re trying to show that the leaders have factors that are increasingly important to businesses when choosing cloud-based software: a mobile application, a media presence, and secure software,” says GetApp CEO and co-founder Christophe Primault.

A range of data points is what makes GetApp’s ranking unique in the industry. User reviews and integrations were considered based on data listed on GetApp, while security scores were calculated using vendor responses to a comprehensive security survey based on the Cloud Security Alliance Self-Assessment Form. Mobile platform data was pulled from Google Play and Apple’s App Store, while Media Presence was calculated using data collected from social media monitoring tool Brandwatch.

Along with the ranking, GetApp has released a research report signalling Q1 trends in Call Center, along with two other categories ranked this quarter, CRM and Customer Service. The report includes insights from industry experts including Customer Service and Experience Expert Shep Hyken, Co-founder and Partner of SMB Group Laurie McCabe, and President and Principal Analyst of COMMfusion, Blair Pleasant. The report also outlines the significance of each data point used to rank the apps as they relate to industry trends, with unique research from GetApp’s research program, GetData.

You can access the Q1 ranking for Call Center here. Download a full copy of GetApp’s Q1 research report, Leveraging trends in CRM, Customer Service and Call Center cloud solutions to achieve Customer Success, on GetApp.

More about GetApp: GetApp is an online marketplace for cloud-based business apps, specialized in helping small and medium-sized businesses find, research, and get in touch with business app providers from over 100 software categories. GetApp's Europe office is based in Barcelona, Spain, and the US office is in San Francisco, CA.

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