Integrated Social Customer Service Contact Center Platform Comes from 3CLogic's Partnership with HelpSocial

Posted by Admin on Jun 24, 2015 12:00:00 AM

Most companies have learned that it is important to provide a good customer experience. If a company does everything that it can for its customers and they realize that the company is working hard on their behalf, not only will they be providing a good customer experience, they will be more likely to return and recommend the company to others.

The problem is that every day, customer service seems to include more factors that need support. As we continue to form more connections and truly become a generation that needs to be connected all the time, we find that social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter (News - Alert), need more support than ever before.

Gone are the days of calling a company’s customer service center and waiting on hold to speak to someone who may not be able to answer your questions. Instead, in this always-connected generation, various social media channels are used to post questions, seek out information and generally be heard.

“It’s all about customer experience at the end of the day,” said 3CLogic’s (News - Alert) director of marketing and business development, Guillaume Seynhaeve. “Customers across the board, we all know they’re using just about every channel there is.” Earlier this week, 3CLogic announced that it was forming a partnership with HelpSocial, a social customer service company. In addition, 3CLogic also introduced an API model this week, the Asynchronous Communications Channel.

3CLogic is a company that offers a complete suite of inbound, outbound and blended cloud-based contact center solutions. This is accomplished using an innovative distributed approach (Virtual Telephony Application Grid or V-TAG) that eliminates the need for legacy server-centric architecture. This allows 3CLogic to Provide companies with a 360-degree view of their entire customer interactions, regardless of which channel is used.

HelpSocial is a social platform with an open API built for scaling social customer service capabilities across a business. Essentially, HelpSocial helps businesses monitor social networks and makes it easy to connect teams and apps across their organizations. Matt Wilbanks, CEO and co-founder at HelpSocial said, "Consumer demand for support in social channels is clear but has rapidly outgrown the marketing departments typically tasked with responding. Enterprises are looking to call centers to help scale their coverage while providing the proper integrated social tools marketing teams generally lack.”

As mentioned in Contact Center World, the goal is that together 3CLogic and HelpSocial can deliver significant benefits to enterprises that are looking for a complete multichannel contact center solution. At the same time, these enterprises are looking to enhance the customer experience. Some of the offerings you can expect from this partnership include a single integrated contact center and social customer service solution; intelligent routing of social mentions; automatic agent access to customer relevant data to facilitate handling and responses; social customer service training and guidance; and enhanced customer experience and retention.

“Consumers are increasingly diversifying their use of different channels to communicate with businesses and yet consumer expectations remain the same regardless of the chosen channel which highlights the importance of being able to intelligently route, evaluate and respond to each inquiry across all channels in a uniform and consistent manner,” said Raj Sharma (News - Alert), COO at 3CLogic. “We are very excited about the synergies 3CLogic’s leading contact center solution and HelpSocial’s social customer services will provide to both our mutual and future customers.”

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