3CLogic Adds WebRTC Real-Time Calling to its Cloud Contact Center Platform

Posted by Admin on Feb 10, 2015 12:00:00 AM

Contact Center Solutions provider 3CLogic today announced the recent adoption of Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) technology as the latest enhancement to its product offering. Current and future enterprise clients will be able to seamlessly interoperate with any WebRTC originated calls or chats when utilizing 3CLogic’s complete suite of features and services. Among the benefits now available is the ability to provide consumers with browser-based click-to-call and click-to-chat, enabling them to contact an enterprise from any Internet-connected platform: PC, tablet, or mobile without relying on traditional telephony carriers.

3CLogic President Raj Sharma told Customer Experience Report: “For us, our contact center customers are going to want to have that communications channel be available so that people can connect with their customer service reps or their sales reps using RTC from a webRTC enabled browser client. The reason we think that this is going to be pretty important is because webRTC will get embedded in different applications and it will be context sensitive so the interaction will be richer between the consumer and the contact center rep.”

The move toward WebRTC comes as consumers continue to require easier means by which to communicate with businesses and as major browser platforms including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft begin to accept it as the next standard. The technology provides for a more reliable, easier to implement, and less complex infrastructure than previous options which will both enhance the customer experience while facilitating enterprise businesses of all sizes to offer the latest in client communication.

“The world of communication is currently undergoing a massive shift as web-providers begin to overtake telephony carriers as the preferred means of communication,” stated Sharma. “Consumers are increasingly depending on web applications to communicate, via tablet, laptop, or mobile, and the Internet is becoming the new highway for those interactions with applications, such as 3CLogic’s, facilitating the connections.”

Among the benefits to users of the 3CLogic webRTC enabled platform are:

  • Access to 3CLogic’s complete contact center solution without any requirements to download software.
  • Platform and browser independence across applications.
  • Ability to deploy a complete contact center solution without the need for IT Resources.
  • Addition of video capabilities.
  • Internet-based calling that facilitates multichannel communications while removing the dependency on carriers.

"We are very excited by the possibilities and flexibility WebRTC will bring to our offering and what it means for our clients. Most importantly, it represents our commitment to providing the latest in customer communication,” explains Raj.

Current clients can extend their customer experience programs with the added WebRTC functionality without any action required on their part. The enhanced features and benefits will be made available during the late March product release.

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