Rising Support for Automatic Dialers

Posted by Admin on Oct 17, 2013 12:00:00 AM

Rising Point Solutions helps consumers overcome their credit problems, but when it came to customer service, the company had a long list of problems of its own.

The company, based in Grapevine, TX, works with mortgage lenders and home builders to help potential home buyers with less-than-perfect credit ratings clean up their credit histories so they can qualify for home loans.

"As we started to grow, it was impossible to keep up with everyone and everything," says Tyler Wagley, regional manager of Rising Point Solutions.

All that changed in April when the company rolled out automatic dialers from 3CLogic in its contact center. Now, customers experience dramatically improved levels of service and support, and the company saw more than 400 customer referrals in the first five months after implementation.

Rising Point decided to move to the 3CLogic software, which is hosted on the Amazon Web Services platform, because of its advanced functionality, ironclad security, strong 24/7 support, and competitive pricing, according to Wagley.

Getting the applications to work together required some minor tweaking. Mostly, the issues had to do with coding. There were some problems getting data to flow between the applications. Data was not tagged properly, so it could not be read properly from one application to the next. It was an easy fix, Wagley says.

"During our evaluation, we were very impressed with what 3CLogic was offering in terms of features and functionality," he states. "The ease of integration with Infusionsoft and the reliability of the cloud-based call center software has been a bonus. We like that you can trigger actions in Infusionsoft from within the dialer, which has been huge for us."

The 3CLogic application lets agents leave prerecorded messages with the touch of a button. Not having to repeat the same message over and over, Wagley says, has saved a great deal of time.

At the same time that the dialer is leaving a message, the Infusionsoft CRM system logs the interaction and updates the customer record and automatically sends an email to the customer. And, when the agent does reach a client, Infusionsoft feeds all of the client's information to the agent's computer screen prior to him picking up the call.

Only a handful of Rising Point's top-performing agents are currently using the dialers, but among those who are, sales and outbound call volume to potential clients have tripled. Agents, who each were able to place 60 or 70 calls per day prior to the 3CLogic implementation, are now making 150 to 200 calls per day.

The system has maintained 99.95 percent uptime reliability, Wagley says.

In fact, Wagley is so impressed with the system that he plans to roll out the technology to many more of the 30 agents in the contact center in the not-too-distant future. Additionally, most of what his agents are doing now involves prospecting to mortgage lenders, but he plans to start marketing directly to consumers soon, and expects the 3CLogic software to be a big part of that as well.

"It would be impossible to do without 3CLogic and Infusionsoft," Wagley concludes. "The combination is impeccable. The pairing is all we need to keep up with our customers."

The Payoff:

Since implementing automatic dialers from 3CLogic, Rising Point Solutions has seen:

  • Sales triple;
  • The number of calls agents make go from 60 to as many as 200 per day;
  • 400 customer referrals after just five months; and uptime reliability of 99.95 percent.