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Dec 18

Bye-Bye Hackers: Protect your cloud contact center against the bad guys.

Posted by Rachel Brink on Dec 18, 2013 11:00:00 AM

With the growing number of machine-to machine devices being used by people as well as an increase in the amount of information being shared through the web and cloud, some have grown concerned about the protection of this information. Everyday there are many people attempting to hack into different systems to access information, so companies need to make sure their bases are covered in order for their customers have faith in them.

The Cloud Security Alliance, also known as CSA, is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote best practices for security assurance within the cloud. They also exist to educate people on the uses of cloud computing. CSA recently announced its newest project, Software Defined Perimeter Initiative (SDP).  SDP will allow for the creation of networks that are extremely resistant to attacks by using end-to-end network IP addresses. According to Saroj Kar from Cloud Times, this is necessary due to the growing number of machine-to-machine devices, which increase risk at these endpoints. Kar explains that the most important way to decrease this risk is to require people to undergo strict authentication procedures before accessing any information through these devices. SDP will ensure that both the providers and the customers are secure against attacks at any point through the system.

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CSA’s new project, SDP, has very similar characteristics to programs that we at 3CLogic have already put into action. We believe in adhering to the highest security standard, which is why we follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We also use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which provides secure access while maintaining confidentiality and integrity. Similar to the new CSA initiative, any request made to 3CLogic must satisfy strict authentication requirements to ensure the protection of our customers’ information. We also provide a unique technology that no one else in the industry can compete with; this is our Virtual Telephony Application Grid (V-TAG). V-TAG provides our customers the option of transmitting and storing call recordings behind a secure firewall. These calls can be recorded locally and in a secure manner, right on an agent’s desktop.


Another issue that consistently comes up in the cloud security discussion is credit card protection. If a company does not provide a secure system of storing credit card information for its customers, no one will want to do business with them. We tackle this issue by masking credit card numbers, automatic recording stop when credit card information is being shared with agents, call transfers to an IVR for credit card input, and silencing of DTMF tones to prevent number identification. Our system is the best in its class, so your customers will never have to be uneasy about sharing their information with you. With 3CLogic, you will never have to worry about security issues again; let us help you out with this one!


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Rachel Brink

Written by Rachel Brink

Rachel Brink is the Marketing Manager at 3CLogic with over four years of experience in sales and customer service. In her role, she routinely shares best practices regarding how to streamline business communications and enhance the customer experience through innovative technologies and processes.