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Jun 03

6 Ways to Boost Sales in SugarCRM

Posted by Rachel Brink on Jun 3, 2016 9:42:11 AM

shutterstock_288233360.jpgCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms exist to help businesses manage the vast amount of information their customers provide, and use it to more effectively build lasting relationships—right? But the missing piece of the puzzle, and one many take for granted, is the communications component (telephony)–the true vessel that is facilitating these strong and lasting customer relationships.

In fact, see what Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM has to say about it:

“The key to customer satisfaction in the future is retaining the human interaction, combining that with digital interaction and delivering a personalized experience to each individual. Personalization combined is what each customer needs in order to truly feel valued and demonstrates that we truly understand how to meet their needs.”–Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM

Aren’t we already doing that?

So you may be thinking—“We already communicate with our customers via the telephone, along with email, chat, and social media.” But are these channels seamlessly integrated with your CRM, enabling you to automatically record and document all customer interactions within Sugar, intelligently route customer inquiries, automate lead nurturing and follow-up, and much, much more? Probably not, especially when considering that less than 10% of interactions are entered into the typical CRM.

Introducing 3CLogic—the only seamlessly integrated CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) for Sugar.


What can 3CLogic’s seamless SugarCRM integration do for your team?

  1. Enhance Lead-to-Call: No matter where your leads are coming from, whether it be through a landing page, online chat, or email, following-up in a timely manner is always imperative. In fact for web generated leads, following up within 5 minutes increases the likelihood that they will convert by 9 times. With 3Clogic’s CTI for Sugar, seamlessly route leads from any source to the agent best suited to meet their needs within seconds, enhancing the likelihood of a successful close.
  1. Increase Contact Rates: It’s no secret—consumers are hesitant to answer calls from unknown or toll-free numbers, or even those that are out of state. But with 3CLogic’s local dialing presence capabilities for Sugar, reps can automatically reach out to leads from their own local area code, a practice that has shown to increase answer rates by more than 400%.
  1. Contact More Leads, Faster: It takes the typical sales rep eight dials to get in front of a single prospect. But what if it didn’t take any? Using 3CLogic’s auto dialing capabilities, prospects will automatically be dialed while reps are finishing up a call, minimizing time wasted in between interactions and accelerating sales. Agents will also have access to click-to-call buttons directly from Sugar, eliminating manual dialing while enhancing the speed with which clients are contacted.
  1. Enhance the Quality of Interactions: More than half of customers believe sales reps are poorly prepared or not prepared at all for their initial interactions. And this is, more often than not, due to their lack of timely and relevant information. But with 3CLogic’s seamless SugarCRM integration, reps’ screens will automatically populate all client information, records, and account information, along with prompts to follow if necessary, enhancing the likelihood of a successful interaction.
  1. Sync Call Information: As stated previously, less than ten percent of interactions are ever entered into the CRM, eliminating valuable data reps could be leveraging about their clients. But with 3CLogic’s CTI for Sugar, all call details (agent on call, time and date, result, etc.), notes, transcripts, and recordings are automatically synced to the client’s CRM record, ensuring reps are informed and ahead of the next initiative.
  1. Automate Nurturing and Follow-Up: Eighty percent of sales require at least five follow-ups before a successful close—yet almost half of sales reps give up after one. But using 3CLogic’s CTI for SugarCRM, users can help automate lead nurturing, triggering actions in workflows and scheduling follow-up calls on agent calendars. A simple way to help keep them on track.

 Is your CRM missing this crucial component?

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Rachel Brink

Written by Rachel Brink

Rachel Brink is the Marketing Manager at 3CLogic with over four years of experience in sales and customer service. In her role, she routinely shares best practices regarding how to streamline business communications and enhance the customer experience through innovative technologies and processes.