ROCKVILLE, MD. April 7th, 20203CLogic, a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions, today announced the selection of its Total Cloud offering by a publicly listed global materials manufacturer with over 250 locations worldwide. The AWS-hosted cloud solution and ServiceNow® were jointly selected as part of a new Employee Shared Services initiative designed to streamline and improve overall services to its global workforce. 

Designed to complement ServiceNow’s existing digital channels (i.e.: self-service portal, email, chat), the solution offers a deep CTI and call center integration with ServiceNow’s® HR Service Delivery platform to improve agent efficiency through the automated distribution of employee calls or HR inquiries.

The 3CLogic solution with ServiceNow’s Employee Workflows platform will include: 

  • Telephony integration and agent presence synchronization with ServiceNow’s digital channels to allow HR staff to manage all employee engagements from a single user interface.
  • Natively integrated IVR Call Flow Designer to enable supervisors to easily create and manage the employee journey with ServiceNow-based dynamic call routing to the most qualified agent.
  • Automatic HR case creation for employee-submitted voicemails to improve awareness and reduce agent response time.
  • Integrated reporting and call analytics with ServiceNow to track agent assignments across channels and derive consolidated insights.

While digital channels are well suited to handle or automate simple inquiries, employees continue to rely on a personalized, one-on-one agent experience over the phone to handle more complex, sensitive, or urgent inquiries.  In fact, recent research revealed 74% of globally surveyed individuals called a contact center in 2019 for assistance.

“The HR Department handles a wide variety of employee inquiries, from sensitive information to recruitment and professional development opportunities. The nature of these calls tends to be time sensitive, so it is critical for the telephony platform to direct the caller to the right agent,” says Denis Seynhaeve, 3CLogic’s CEO. “With the natively-integrated IVR designer for ServiceNow, employee details are collected upfront and callers are automatically routed to the most qualified agent, ensuring more time is spent handling the inquiry and less spent waiting in line.”

The manufacturing firm also plans to extend the ServiceNow certified cloud call center capabilities to its IT and customer service teams leveraging ServiceNow’s ITSM and CSM suites, with the potential to expand into over 20 countries.

About 3CLogic

3CLogic is a leading cloud contact center platform modernizing enterprise communications with their employees and customers. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the solution provides advanced and scalable speech-enabled offerings for leading CRMs, including ServiceNow, Salesforce, and SugarCRM. With deployments on four continents and a growing base of Global 2000 clients, 3CLogic drives digital transformation by improving CX, organizational efficiency and reporting insights using dynamic IVR, CTI, AI, advanced speech analytics, and API-driven integrations. For more information, please visit