3CLogic, the leader in cloud based contact centers hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), is proud to announce that TouchPoint is migrating its cloud based contact center to 3CLogic. TouchPoint Contact Centers was looking for a highly reliable cloud based contact center to service its marquee clientele. In addition to its reliability, 3CLogic is helping TouchPoint provide its clients with highly customized reports.

Chris Eisdorfer, President of TouchPoint stated, “We are managing contact center projects for some highly visible and well known brands. We needed a partner who cares as much about our customers as we do. Anything less than 99.99% uptime would be unacceptable to these brands. Our Fortune 500 clients also demand highly customized reports. The 3CLogic team jumped in and essentially became an extension of our IT team. Together we were quickly able to address the complex reporting and compliance requirements that our clients had.”

Additionally, TouchPoint was looking to partner with a cloud based service provider that provided excellent support and comprehensive inbound and outbound contact center capabilities.

“The reliability and scalability that we are providing TouchPoint is yet another proof point that 3CLogic’s Virtual Telephony Application Grid (V-TAG) is the most efficient way to build cloud based contact centers. Centralized server architectures are just not robust enough to handle the kind of load that contact centers generate,” said Raj Sharma, President and CEO of 3CLogic. “It is no surprise that there are frequent outages with centralized server based contact centers and they continue to disrupt customer operations. With V-TAG we have eliminated all single points of failure in the system.”

TouchPoint is greatly benefiting from 3CLogic’s reporting tools in both real time and historical formats. With 3CLogic’s reporting and recording features, TouchPoint can easily retrieve and track any past interactions for new or repeat customers giving a 360 degree view of all past interactions.

About TouchPoint

TouchPoint Contact Centers, Inc was founded to give businesses an alternative to the traditional call center outsourcing companies. These traditional players treat contact center services like a commodity, and accept high attrition, low skill levels and mediocre service as a necessary evil of contact centers. TouchPoint Contact Centers is run by a leadership team that has over 50 years of combined experience in all aspects of owning, operating and managing contact centers. Our proven and highly successful operating model features higher compensation for front-line employees, intense customer focus, effective and consistent processes, offshore IT and back office support, and the hands-on involvement of our skilled and accomplished leadership team.