3CLogic, a leading provider of cloud call center software, today announced the continued company success of Cloud Marketing Inc., the first outbound telemarketing organization in the country, since the implementation of its advanced contact center solution in late 2013.

An early adopter of cloud technology due to its superior cost savings and flexibility, Cloud Marketing Group’s decision to change contact center software vendors came in response to the insufficient call connectivity, customer support, and campaign controls its previous solution provided. “The dialer was dropping roughly 30% of our calls,” explains Stephen Rudnicki, President of Cloud Marketing Inc., “and when we brought it to their attention, they became pretty difficult to work with.”

Cloud Marketing Inc.’s implementation of 3CLogic’s award-winning platform includes predictive dialing capabilities, advanced campaign management role settings, and real-time agent training tools to improve the overall efficiencies and effectiveness of the organizations daily initiatives. In addition, the company has benefited from 3CLogic’s unique Virtual Telephony Application Grid (VTAG) technology, a distributed and fault-tolerant VoIP system designed to enhance reliability and scalability. “Choosing a call center solution is not something we take lightly,” explains Michelle Portteus, IT Director and Senior PHP Developer at Cloud Marketing Inc., “but right out of the gate, everything about it [3CLogic] just appealed to us—we were sold from day one.” Since implementing 3CLogic, the company has experience a 33% increase in sales.

Having initially established its roots in 1946 as a leading provider of newspaper circulation subscription sales, Cloud Marketing Inc. has gradually evolved its services to reflect the changing needs within todays call center industry. Headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, the company currently offers customer support, sales, marketing, and consulting services to its many clients.

“Our unique and redundant architecture continues to offer unparalleled speed and reliability within the industry,” said Raj Sharma, President and COO of 3CLogic. “We are excited to see the improvements Cloud Marketing Group has made since migrating to our platform and look forward to see what the future holds as they continue to expand.”

About 3CLogic

3CLogic is a leading provider of multichannel cloud contact center software designed for today’s enterprise businesses. A true cloud solution, hosted on AWS, it offers seamless integration with other cloud-based solutions, including CRM, Ticketing, WFO and WFM, to allow any organization to migrate from premise-based or cloud platforms without disrupting existing business workflows. Built on a unique distributed infrastructure, it avoids the traditional pitfalls of current solutions while providing market-leading security, scalability, system flexibility, and reliability. Built to enhance sales performance, customer experience, and overall rep productivity, 3CLogic provides a powerful communication framework to help complement any business initiatives. For more information, please visit www.3clogic.com