April 12, 2016, Rockville, MD -- 3CLogica leading provider of cloud contact center software, today announced its selection by one of the world’s largest multinational risk management, insurance brokerage and advisory companies to help both its IT and HR divisions migrate away from the company’s on-premise voice environments to offer a completely independent and global (US, EMEA, HK, and Singapore) cloud contact center solution fully integrated with ServiceNow. 

The company’s decision to select 3CLogic as its new cloud-based platform was on the heels of a recent merger where it was faced with the difficulty of managing two on-premise voice platforms inherited from each merged organization. One was subscribed to Avaya, while the other was tied to Cisco.  In the same instance, the organization was in the process of adopting ServiceNow as a new system of record around which it wanted to build and consolidate its global IT and HR help-desk divisions. Following a very lengthy assessment process, 3CLogic was selected to integrate the voice platforms with their cloud data management platform.

Deploying 3CLogic’s fully-cloud enabled offering hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) will:

  • Improve the flexibility and efficiency of its teams
  • Provide greater department-level control on how to administer, monitor, and at times change the customer journey
  • Broaden visibility into operations through consolidated reporting & analytics

"Increasingly, more enterprises are seeking 3CLogic's solution to drive down costs while attempting to improve the system and personnel efficiency as part of the on-going cloud adoption trend, " states Guillaume Seynhaeve, Director of Business Development at 3CLogic. "As a result, how to migrate from on-premise voice platforms while enabling integration with cloud-enabled systems of record, for example Salesforce, ServiceNow andSugarCRM, fits at the heart of where 3CLogic adds value."  

About 3CLogic

3CLogic is a leading cloud contact center platform modernizing enterprise communications with their employees and customers. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the solution provides advanced and scalable speech-enabled offerings for leading CRMs, including ServiceNow, Salesforce, and SugarCRM. With deployments on four continents and a growing base of Global 2000 clients, 3CLogic drives digital transformation by improving CX, organizational efficiency and reporting insights using dynamic IVR, CTI, AI, advanced analytics, and API-driven integrations. For more information, please visit www.3clogic.com.