3CLogic, a leading provider of cloud call center software, today announced that SolarMax is the latest to implement its contact center solution to improve overall sales and customer service initiatives.

Generating leads from multiple sources, SolarMax lacked a unified approach in its lead nurturing process, resulting in less potential clients and an inconsistent customer experience. “The process was outdated,” explains Philip Small, Marketing Administrator at SolarMax. “The disconnect was in the automated follow up sequence within our telemarketing attempts, which prevented us from effectively converting opportunities while disrupting the customer experience.”

SolarMax’s adoption of 3CLogic’s award-winning platform will include a custom Infusionsoft CRM integration, which is designed to facilitate the sales process while providing a single unified solution to mitigate the inefficiency of managing multiple disparate systems. In addition, advanced reporting and business intelligence will be provided to help in the assessment of all agent activities, marketing lead-generation campaigns, and customer interactions. “The ability to determine and further analyze the effectiveness of our call center is a big improvement,” said Philip.

“With over 10 years of experience in the solar industry, SolarMax continuously strives to help homeowners own their power. By offering their customers the most competitive rates in the market along with flexible and affordable financing options, SolarMax has remained as one of the leading solar energy providers in Southern California.

“We continue to witness great opportunities and successes in industries both old and new who wish to enhance the customer experience and the quality of the interactions when they take place,” explains Robert Killory, Chief Innovation Officer. “This is just another great example.”

About 3CLogic

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