Homes & Land, North America’s leading Real Estate listing publication, has recently announced significant success following the implementation of 3CLogic’s cloud call center solution. The adoption came in response to the growing competition within the real estate market and the realization that traditional cold calling efforts would no longer suffice to remain competitive.

“Originally, the sales team lacked any insight into who they were calling,” explains Ken Allewelt, Manager of Database Marketing at Homes & Land. “There was no platform in place to track calls, conversion rates, display lead information, relay client purchase history, or any means to help improve contact opportunities. It was the old way of doing things and we needed to update it.”

Following extensive research, Ken chose to adopt 3CLogic’s advanced call center solution and later combine it with Infusionsoft’s CRM platform. The results were almost immediate. “With 3CLogic improving the ability to actually connect my agents with potential customers and limit the time wasted with answering machines, busy signals, etc., conversion ratios doubled overnight. With the added Infusionsoft CRM and 3CLogic integration working together to provide my agents valuable and relevant customer data at the point of the interaction, conversion rates doubled again.”

Showcasing properties in more than 15,000 communities nationwide across 229 publications, Homes & Land was the first to aggregate real estate listings online, citing Zillow and Trulia among its primary competitors. "Thanks to 3CLogic and the Infusionsoft integration, we are now able to provide a more customer-centric experience by virtue of being more informed and prepared for each opportunity,” states Ken. “Pure cold calling alone won’t do it. Pure CRM campaigns alone won’t do it – its takes the combination of both for there to be a real impact.”

About 3CLogic

3CLogic offers a complete suite of inbound, outbound, and blended cloud-based contact center solutions based on an innovative distributed approach (Virtual Telephony Application Grid or V-TAG) that eliminates the need for legacy server-centric architecture. Providing companies with a 360-degree view of all their customer interactions, regardless of the channel chosen, 3CLogic’s solutions allow for a timely and accurate means by which to offer first call resolutions. As a true cloud software solution, hosted on AWS, it offers seamless integration with other cloud-based solutions, including CRM and WFM, while providing market-leading security, scalability, and reliability. Finally, in addition to traditional contact center features (i.e. multichannel communication, IVR, ACD, predictive dialer, etc.) 3CLogic provides a powerful reporting framework with business analytics and real-time scripting engine. For more information, please visit or