May 19

The Changing Face of Retail: How Will Customer Service be Affected?

Posted by Rachel Brink on May 19, 2015 8:56:02 AM

The retail industry has undergone a long list of changes over the past decade, as technology and consumer preferences continue to rapidly evolve. What was once an industry largely centered around brick-and-mortar store locations, the rise of Internet, multichannel communications, and SaaS solutions has quickly expanded retail into the virtual world. To put it into perspective, online retail is currently growing at a global rate of 19% per year. And as this has happened, brick and mortar store locations have slowly diminished—in fact, the amount of retail space opened annually has dropped from over 300 million sq. feet in 2010 to 43.8 million in 2013. And as consumers become increasingly connected, informed, and time sensitive, retailers have been forced to reevaluate their business processes/operations, shopping channels, and technology to meet the changing expectations of today’s tech-savvy shoppers.

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Topics: customer service, multichannel contact center, call center software, multichannel communications, retail