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Feb 25

4 Ways Multichannel Contact Centers Boost Customer Satisfaction

Posted by 3CLogic on Feb 25, 2016 9:32:04 AM

There was little need for multichannel contact centers before the advancement of technology, but with consumers reaching businesses through a variety of communication channels and touch points, obtaining one has become imperative. multichannel contact centers boost customer satisfaction

There are over 7 high-profile channels that allow people to stay connected with customers, and that number is only getting bigger. The ability to contact customers and have them contact you in a variety of forms improves the quality and brand of a company, so it’s important to understand the following 4 ways multichannel contact centers boost customer satisfaction.

  1. Appeal To A Broader Audience

We have reached a point where a large portion of people are more mobile and thus digital forms of communication, such as email, live chat, and SMS are growing in popularity. Below is a graph that depicts the increase in multichannel use for customer service purposes. 9 out of 10 types of digital communication have increased within the span of two years. In order to target this rapidly growing audience, multichannel contact centers are the best tool to use. 


  1. Support Cross-Channel Customer Journeys

Using a multichannel contact center solution, agents will gain a complete view of each customer’s account information and previous interactions across all channels, allowing for more informed and seamless interactions, while boosting customer satisfaction. With the ability to understand which type of communication platform each consumer is drawn to, representatives are able to contact them in the most effective way possible. This promotes successful contact between a business and its customers. A company without a multichannel contact center is missing out on forming a connection with customers who prefer communicating through a channel that is not offered.

  1. Enhanced Efficiencies

Agents have very strenuous jobs that take on a lot of responsibility, so any piece of technology that improves efficiency is an important tool to have. With all the necessary customer information at their fingertips, there is a promotion in productivity, which increases the mood in the workplace. And an office full of happy agents is more likely to provide strong customer support than one without. Thus resulting in that happiness being transferred to the customer. So a multichannel contact center boosts customer satisfaction through the repercussions of efficiency.  

  1. Discover What Works Best

As technology and consumer preferences continue to change, multichannel contact centers are no longer really an option—they’re a necessity. Representatives are able to gather more data with each communication form and create a detailed customer analysis. This boosts customer satisfaction because it allows the company to discover what works best for them, their product, and their clients. People have hectic lifestyles that do not always allow for them to sit and talk on the phone and it’s important for businesses to understand and cater towards which customer is able to partake in which form of communication.

Businesses without multiple funnels of communication are missing out on key components that could boost customer satisfaction. That’s why multichannel contact centers are imperative for all companies that look to invest in the well being of their customers and provide an easier approach to the variety of communication systems that are popular today.

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